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Our vision is to provide a series of guaranteed quality windows, doors, partitions, tempered glass, railings and various types of glass. Our products are widely used in construction, architecture, interior decoration and other industries. It is valued for its wear resistance. Our doors and windows are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions of the Indian climate. In strong winds and storms, heat and noise protection are important.

About Us

Who We Are ??

Few thinks to know about RBS

RBS successfully provided uPVC door and window solutions in India. We are proud of our professionalism, and our own team of experts provides comprehensive design and planning services as well as assembly services.

The RBS manufacturing plant is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. With advanced equipment and experienced RBS engineers, it is one of the experienced manufacturers and service providers.

We provide various types of uPVC doors and windows, uPVC partitions, doors and windows, partitions, tempered glass, railings and spider glazing; they are used in various industries and also used by private organizations and governments. Our entire product range comes from reliable and loyal suppliers with extensive manufacturing experience. Therefore, these products have different qualities such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, reliability and durability.

With the help of our well-trained and loyal team of experts, we source our products according to the national internship quality standards.

Due to the transparency of our dealings with customers, we have successfully won a large number of customers in India. In addition, these products are widely known for their ease of use, and we provide these products to our customers at an affordable price. We provide products of various designs, colors, shapes and sizes according to customer requirements.


What We Do ??

Here is what we are doing...

We are proud to announce that Rich Building Solutions is the leading supplier of uPVC doors, windows and tempered glass in India. Since 2020, as a manufacturer of uPVC doors and windows, we are taking German mechanical engineering to a new level through improved technologies in other areas of daily life doors and windows and other products.