• It has an appearance of contemporary modern soft line profile.
  • RBS upvc Ventilator windows come with different color profiles.
  • It consists of internal glazing options that range from some dimensions.
  • The most recent best in class climate seals.
  • Makes the door open fully i.e., 100%.
  • Allows maximum ventilation but not rain water.
  • Exhaust fan provision.
  • Movable louver option.

UPVC Ventilators are the uPVC windows that can be operated both inwards and outwards with the support of hinges fixed on the ventilator frames. The usage of modernized high-quality sashes in the ventilator hardware enables smooth and easy functioning of these upvc ventilators. The ventilators are best suited for the areas which require proper ventilation like kitchens, bathrooms, store-rooms etc. The customization option like that of installation of a fan is also available with these ventilators from RBS. The ventilators can be positioned in such an order that they can capture the breeze and direct it inside the room. These are also available in 3 attractive colours for customer references.