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Our vision is to provide a series of guaranteed quality windows, doors, partitions, tempered glass, railings and various types of glass. Our products are widely used in construction, architecture, interior decoration and other industries. It is valued for its wear resistance. Our doors and windows are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions of the Indian climate. In strong winds and storms, heat and noise protection are important.


The smartest way to buy a upvc doors and windows

Energy Saving

uPVC profiles are up to three times more effective in maintaining low temperatures inside buildings.

Water Proof

uPVC profiles can definitely withstand tropical rainstorms and keep them tight.

Salt Water

Salt water does not corrode uPVC profiles, so no special care is required.


uPVC profiles will not deform, rot or crack in hot and humid weather.

Terminate Proof

In tropical climates, termites often damage the wooden frames of wooden windows and aluminum windows, but termites cannot attack uPVC.


The uPVC profile allows the installation of multi-point locks with a high degree of protection, and all locks and equipment are screwed into the steel core of the profile structure.

Pollution Free

The profile adopts the lead-free environmentally friendly uPVC profile that meets the environmental protection standards of European companies.


Lifelong uPVC profiles will never need to be painted, and will look like new for decades.


Since the thermal insulation performance is at least 2.2 times higher than that of aluminum profiles, uPVC profiles reduce the energy cost of buildings.


uPVC profiles are ideal for coastal and high-rise buildings. They maintain their strength to a fully reinforced internal frame made of galvanized steel.

Noise Reduction

The uPVC profile is equipped with a double sealing system, which can significantly reduce the noise level of 30-40 decibels.

Fire Resistance

uPVC is self-extinguishing, and flame retardants are used in the mixture to prevent fire from spreading. uPVC profiles are manufactured according to DIN standards.

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